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"It's been almost a year since I began weekly Pilates initial visit was prompted by a study I read on the value of strengthening and stretching exercise therapy for patients diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Everyday I find myself crediting Pilates. It has enabled me to do so much more than before. It's so great that you're able to design a program specifically for me. I am so grateful for the knowledge and expertise you....bring to each session. My neurologist and family physician are equally impressed. They have ordered (on a prescription form) Pilates have made a difference."

Louise B. (Client since 2002)





"Including Pilates in my exercise regime has created a wonderful balance between body & spirit. (Your) expertise and gentle way have guided me through specialized exercises on the equipment and mat work. Pilates has increased my core strength, flexibility, and best of all - improved my performance in those activities I love to do - cycling, skiing, hiking.......Pilates works!"

Barb & Jim W. (Clients since 2002)



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