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Studio Sessions:

Pilates Body Center strives to make the Pilates Method effective for each individual.  For this reason, shared sessions / classes are arranged by the instructor to create a group that will work well together.


     Individual session:

                     $80 for one session / apprentice teacher $60

                     $750 for 10 sessions 

                     $50 Intro session (new clients)


     Shared session: (2-3 clients)     

                     $50 for one session (per client) / apprentice teacher $35 pp

                     $450 for 10 sessions 



Sessions On Location:


A select number of appointments are available for clients interested in working in their home, office or on location.  


     Locations within 45 minutes of the studio: $150 per session

     Locations over 45 minutes will be determined on an individual basis.




~ All packages carry a 3 month expiration date.  

~ Sessions canceled less than 24 hrs prior to the appointment time will be charged.

~ No on street parking.  The studio is located behind a private property and all vehicles must park in the driveway.



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